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Olga Rickards is a regular guest speaker on positive psychology at the University of British Columbia, best-selling author, coach to self-made millionaires and a passionate believer that life is too short to be unhappy or unfulfilled.

Named America’s Premier Expert on happiness and success, Olga has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, co-authored books with people like Brian Tracy and Richard Branson and worked with all kinds of high achievers ranging from Directors of the World Bank to entrepreneurs who’ve built multi-national businesses.

Olga specializes in coaching high achievers to become more successful, happier and lead rich lives that are full of purpose. Using the latest scientifically validated brain research and safe, effective, yet somewhat unconventional processes, Olga guides her clients to end unconscious self-sabotage, retrain the brain for higher levels of happiness & success and match results with ambition.

“You can’t see the picture when you are in the frame.” Les Brown



Like many of her clients, Olga learned the hard way that success without fulfillment is failure. She grew up in Siberia, Russia, that statistically used to be one of the unhappiest countries in the world. In her pursuit of a happier life, Olga immigrated to Canada, where she had to start over with poor English and only $200 in her pocket. But even when she earned a great lifestyle and seemed to have it all, deep down she wasn’t happy or fulfilled.

Determined to find that ever-elusive happiness, Olga spent six figures studying with the world’s leading experts in personal development, positive psychology, neuroscience and business excellence. From her own experience and heart-to-heart conversations with millionaires and billionaires – those who are happy, not so happy and just plain miserable – Olga pieced together the ultimate formula to creating financial freedom while also living a happy, fulfilled, truly successful life. Olga’s quest has completely transformed her life and is now transforming the lives of her clients.

A life of purpose and meaning


Olga’s clients know firsthand that extraordinary achievements don’t guarantee extraordinary love, peace of mind or a sense of purpose. “If, despite your success, something essential is missing, it’s time to get brutally honest with yourself and do a P&L on your own life”, says Olga. “It’s time to fill that VOID deep down and stop postponing your happiness and freedom to a day that may never come.”

If you are ready for a breakthrough, Olga’s direct and compassionate approach will empower you to step up your game and take intelligent action, so that you can live your life and run your business on your own terms. Click on the button below to apply for your complimentary private & confidential call with Olga today.


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The Business Approach to Personal Happiness

Olga specializes in coaching highly successful entrepreneurs and executives to become even more successful, happier and lead rich lives that are full of purpose.


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