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A charismatic speaker who will inspire and motivate your audience
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Looking for a great speaker who will inspire and motivate your audience? You’re in the right place! Olga brings huge expertise and fun to her presentations. 

Named America’s Premier Expert on happiness and success, Olga has appeared on ABC, CBS and NBC and FOX, co-authored books with people like Brian Tracy and Richard Branson and is a regular guest speaker on Positive Psychology at the University of British Columbia. Brian Tracy, recognized by Success magazine as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in Personal Development, calls Olga “one of the most insightful and effective coaches and thought leaders in America today.”

Olga specializes in coaching high achievers to become more successful, happier and lead rich lives that are full of purpose. Olga guides her clients to end unconscious self-sabotage, retrain the brain for higher levels of happiness & success and match results with ambition.

Passionate about Sharing

latest brain research and proven, practical tips and strategies

Olga is passionate about sharing the latest brain research and proven, practical tips and strategies to help achievers prevent burnout, eliminate stress, change bad habits, skyrocket productivity and make their lives more meaningful, fulfilling and fun. Olga playfully shares cutting-edge scientific research and powerful personal experiences to help entrepreneurs and executives escape the deadly traps that keep many overwhelmed, unfulfilled and unhappy.

In an engaging and thought-provoking style, Olga will encourage your audience to recognize their own inner battles, so that they can proactively deal with the challenges that stand in the way of their personal and business growth. Olga’s content-rich presentations are full of gems your audience can immediately put to use to make a difference where it matters most.


How to create radical change and eliminate procrastination and self-sabotage even when you sleep

Discover what it actually takes to change bad habits, end self-sabotage, conquer fear and upgrade your life

The secret struggles of high achievers and how to end them for good

Discover how to overcome deep-seated private fears, from impostor syndrome to fear of underachieving to fear of being rejected, and turn fear into fuel for your success

The Science of Happiness: What Happy People Do Differently

Discover 15 scientifically proven strategies to avoid burnout, eliminate stress and make your life more meaningful, fulfilling and fun

How to protect, improve and manage your most valuable asset: your brain

Discover the 7 pillars of brain health and what we can learn from over 80,000 brain scans

Book Olga to speak at your next event to make it unforgettable. Upon request, Olga may be available to design a custom experience, including half-day and full-day workshops. To inquire about having Olga speak at your next event, please contact Olga or call 1-800-811-OLGA (6542).

“You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” Sam Levenson


The Business Approach to Personal Happiness

Olga specializes in coaching highly successful entrepreneurs and executives to become even more successful, happier and lead rich lives that are full of purpose.


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