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If you’re successful and stuck or you have this persistent feeling that even though you’re doing well you can do a lot better, apply for your complimentary confidential consultation with Olga today

Your Complimentary Consultation With Olga

A Brutally Honest Conversation About What Really Matters To You

Hi! I’m Olga.

I’m an entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach to high achievers and a firm believer that life is too darn short to be unhappy or unfulfilled. Passionate about helping the best get better, I specialize in coaching entrepreneurs and executives to become more successful, happier and lead rich lives that are full of purpose.

I help my clients remove hidden blocks that sabotage their real potential, retrain the brain for higher levels of confidence and inner peace, and match results with ambition. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, I work with high achievers from all over the world, thanks to modern technology such as Skype and FaceTime.

Since you’re here, I’m guessing what you’re wondering is this: Is this woman worth my time and attention? If I like what she has to offer, should I hire her?

For many readers, the answer is “No”. Here is why:

1. I’m Not Your Typical Coach

It’s not unusual for my clients to radically improve not only their personal life but also their income. That’s because I provide a unique range of services and specialize not only in life coaching but also business coaching. Our personal and business lives influence each other in a big way, and I find that we can’t be truly happy and fulfilled unless all important areas of life are in alignment with our core values, goals and vision. On top of that, I specialize in working with the subconscious mind because it’s the fastest, most effective way to create real, lasting, positive change.

So if you’re not prepared to take a brutally honest look at every area of your life and dig deep, I’m not for you.

2. I’m NOT a fan of traditional psychology

Despite extensive training in psychology, I chose not to become a licenced psychologist because I didn’t want to be bonded by the traditional psychology rules and regulations, and here is why: many of these so-called rules limit the depth of inner work that needs to happen in order to truly let go of the past, improve the present and upgrade the future.

Plus, I find many traditional psychology methods ineffective, to say the least. Metaphorically speaking, I prefer to deal with the trunk and the roots instead of the branches and the leaves, which often is the case when it comes to techniques used by many traditional psychology practitioners. I use safe, proven, yet somewhat unconventional processes that allow my clients to create core positive change in an unusually short period of time. However, you’ve got to do the work to get the kind of results my clients are getting.

So if you’re not willing to play full out, I’m not for you.

3. I’m NOT in the business of turning losers into winners

I’m in the business of making winners win more. Full disclosure: I have an allergic reaction to whining, negativity and playing a victim. I’ll always keep your best interests at heart, I’ll always be in your corner and I’ll take you to new heights; however, I won’t tolerate a “poor me” attitude.

So if you’re not prepared to take full responsibility for what happens in your life from now on, I’m not for you.

4. I’m NOT a pushover

If you prefer to work with someone who’s easily influenced by you, then we’re not a good match. Also, as a direct Russian, I will state my opinion and give advice when requested. Sometimes we have to make very difficult decisions, and I will help you not only see all angles but also find the path of least resistance and maximum fulfillment.

By the way, I don’t fit the typical stereotype of a Russian because I’ve certainly Americanized living in Canada and the US for over 15 years; however, a direct approach and my accent are definitely part of the package.

So if you can’t handle a caring yet direct mentor who will keep you accountable, I’m not for you.

5. I will NOT work with you on a “per-session” basis

Provided we’re a good fit, the minimum length of time I will invite you to join my Coaching Program is 2 months – 60 to 75 minutes per week plus occasional homework. That’s because I will be taking you through deep processes that require some time to come to full fruition. Even though big inner shifts can happen in a very short period of time – that’s why my Fast and Furious VIP DAY is so powerful – lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. Remember, it took you your entire life to create and practice your self-limiting beliefs, habits and behaviors, so it will take some time to un-create them and rewire your brain for higher levels of happiness and success. However, even 2 months of working with me will help you make substantial improvements in your life.

Now, my services are not cheap. And even though my clients say that my fees are “insignificant compared to value delivered”, I don’t want to take your hard-earned money unless you’re in the position to invest in yourself.

So if you’re not prepared to invest in yourself mentally, emotionally and financially, I’m not for you.

Are you still here? Good. If you want to reach new levels of happiness and fulfillment and you’re willing to do what’s hard so that the rest of your life can be easy, then we’ll get along famously.

Listen, you’re not alone. We all need help once in a while. However, when you are a successful entrepreneur or executive, the world seems to get a lot smaller when it comes to finding people who really get the challenges you are dealing with and who can provide meaningful guidance. Why don’t we connect for a quick chat to get a feel for each other and go from there?

Here is my promise to you – no strings, no pressure, no sales pitch; just a friendly conversation so that you can decide for yourself if coaching with me is the right step for you.

Now, there is a good chance that my schedule is full and you’ll need to put your name on the waiting list. However, I invite you to fill out an application for two reasons: 1) I’ll get back to you within 24 hours and schedule your complimentary consultation in the very near future no matter how busy my schedule is, and 2) my availability changes often, which means you might not have to wait long. Deal?

Thanks for checking this out. I’m looking forward to connecting soon!



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