When I left Quinta da Regaleira, I couldn’t help but think that our life is somewhat a sequence of mini-deaths and rebirths, yet often we're so afraid to step into the unknown that we get stuck, resisting, hurting, holding on to people, places or beliefs that are not good for us anymore....

Look, I know that you’re talented and smart and you’ve done some really cool things in your life. At the same, you want more out of your life. So let me ask you some uncomfortable questions and invite you to be brutally honest with yourself. Not because I like pushing pain buttons, but because you might find the outcome highly beneficial. Deal?...

As a coach to high achievers, I’ve had plenty of heart-to-heart conversations with millionaires and billionaires – those who are happy, not so happy and just plain miserable. I’ve also studied the science of happiness, so let me share with you the top 5 things that seem counterintuitive, yet can bring you more happiness than you ever thought possible....

Publicly successful, privately unfulfilled?

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